A Complete Live Roulette Guide From Black Lotus

Roulette wheel with casino chips on top of it.

Live Roulette is the same roulette you love but with a twist you’ll love! Live Roulette at Black Lotus Casino will forever be an amazing choice because you get ALL the benefits. When we say all we mean ALL! 

Get massive bonuses, access to multiple roulette variations, from world class software providers and access to handy how to play live Roulette guides. Plus, access to it anytime, anywhere with Black Lotus Casino App

Black Lotus is the ideal destination for live dealer gameplay and in this helpful guide you will see why. 

How to Play Roulette at Black Lotus

Have you signed up yet? Or are you looking for confirmation that Black Lotus is the casino for your gameplay? Whatever your answer, you’re at the right place! Playing live dealer Roulette at Black Lotus is a breeze once you’re signed up and logged in.

Navigate to the casino games lobby and choose from a substantial selection of roulette variations. The aim of playing roulette is similar to normal roulette, you need to predict which number and color the roulette ball will land on…rather than holding your breath while the roulette wheel spins, there are tips and strategies that you can use to get a winning round. We will cover these tried and tested tips later.

For now, let’s get to the question that many players ask – are roulette tables fixed? The answer is simply NO! A loud no because a huge benefit of Roulette at Black Lotus Casino is your safety and fair gameplay. Our games feature RNG which is a Random Number Generator guaranteeing a fair outcome that is not in favor of the house. We can’t speak for other casinos and there will always be dodgy casinos trying to rob players from exciting gameplay and possible winnings by fixing the outcomes.

At Black Lotus Casino, that should be the least of your concerns. Black Lotus is the best live Roulette casino. Here, you have 24 hour access to Roulette live variations from two awesome software providers. These are the Live Roulette variations you will find in the Black Lotus Casino games lobby:

  • European Live Roulette – without a doubt the most popular version of roulette with just one zero increasing your odds of winning
  • American Live Roulette – probably the most difficult of the roulette variants, featuring two zeros which typically worsens the odds for you. Despite the difficult odds, this is a popular variant
  • French Live Roulette – includes the La Partage Rule and great odds of winning

How to Win Money on Roulette

Another popular question players tend to ask is: can I play roulette for real money? Yes! Wait…it is in fact, YES! While free play helps you get an understanding for the mechanics of the game, real money play is truly where the thrill lies!

Once you make that shift from free play to real money play you will be on the lookout for Live Roulette strategies plus tried and tested tips and tricks, keep reading for these.

Strategy tips and tricks to help you win real money while playing:

  • Set a budget – real money means real losses too. Setting a budget can help you control your spend.
  • Find the right variant – earlier we covered the different variants and which variant has better odds.
  • Claim a Live Dealer bonus – bonuses help your bankroll and your budget

In order to employ a Live Roulette strategy, you need to understand what bets can be made.

The Various Bet Types

There are two main bets in Roulette, these are an outside bet and an inside bet. These main bets have several side bets. There are 5 side bets in an inside bet, these are:

  • Straight – this is a bet on a single number and is done by placing your chip on the number you want to bet on.
  • Split – this is a bet on two numbers and is done by placing your chips on the line between two numbers.
  • Street – this is a bet on three numbers and is done by placing your chips on the outside line of three numbers
  • Corner – this is a bet on four numbers and is done by placing your chips on the intersection of four numbers.
  • Six Line – this is a bet on six numbers and is completed by placing your chips on the line that joins two Street bets i.e two rows of three numbers.

Like the Inside bet, there are also 5 side bets in an outside bet, which are marked on the roulette table. These are:

  • Odd or Even
  • Red or Black
  • Dozens – this is  block of 12 numbers
  • Columns – this is a 12 number column
  • 1-18 or 19-36 – these numbers spilt the roulette wheel in half

Live Casino Roulette vs Land-based Casino Roulette

The ongoing battle of live casino roulette vs land-based casino roulette has strong arguments. But the reality is, Live dealer and Live Casino games, live roulette in particular, were created to give you land based elements and experiences while in your own comfort. Live dealer roulette is essentially the culmination of technological advances.

You decide where and when you want to play. No travel time, no running into someone you could know – just you and the live roulette dealer. Live Roulette is the same roulette you love but with HD streaming and privacy. Ultimately, you will choose the version that you enjoy most.

The Black Lotus Casino App For Roulette Live

Above, we touched on the benefits of roulette live vs land based roulette and we highlighted how you decide where and when you want to play. Thanks to Black Lotus’s casino app at your fingertips. You can now play your favorite game while waiting for your coffee! It’s that accessible and easy.

Now, do you believe Black Lotus Casino is the ultimate place to play Live Roulette? Great! Login and saddle up for the ride of your Live Dealer experience! Be sure to check out the promotions page to grab a casino bonus.