Play Roulette Online for Real Money

Online roulette is equally as popular as its land based predecessor, roulette. The casino game is thrilling and uncomplicated, offering high rewards. The aim of the online roulette is exactly the same as traditional roulette, bet on either black or red and use the best bankroll management system to ensure your bet has the best odds and essentially payouts.

Only the best online roulette casino will offer you variants and free play; giving you choice. At Black Lotus Casino, a player always has a choice – from traditional online roulette to European roulette and even Live Dealer roulette; play roulette online for real money or free play at Black Lotus Casino.

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How Online Roulette Works

The best way to win at roulette online is to ensure that you play at a trusted online casino roulette, with 21 years of experience the Black Lotus Casino team is the industry standard for trust! Now that you know you’re in the right place to play online roulette real money, let’s get started on how to play in these easy steps:

  1. Step 1: Select your roulette variant
  2. Step 2: Place your bet
  3. Step 3: Click spin, at this point the ball should be spinning
  4. Step 4: The ball stops and lands on a pocket, if you placed the correct bet then you will be paid out handsomely.
online Roulette wheel with red and white casino chips

Roulette Variants, Tips and Bets

You’re at the best online casino to play roulette and here we pride ourselves on giving you world class gaming. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran gambler, we take care to ensure every element of your time at the best online roulette casino is carefully curated and busting with entertainment.

Part of this includes educating you about the roulette game, roulette variants at Black Lotus casino, top roulette online tips and the various roulette bets. We’ll begin with online roulette variants:

  1. French roulette – probably the best roulette variant for players that are hell bent on winning. French roulette is much like European roulette with one glaring difference, that is the inclusion of the La Partage rule.
  2. American roulette – dubbed the more difficult of the roulette variants, American roulette features two zeros which worsens the odds for players.
  3. European roulette – easily the more popular version of roulette to play, the European version has just one zero on the roulette wheel.

The variants will have different rules on how to play roulette online; so we recommend understanding which version would better suit you and your style of play.

Next up are important tips to follow before you spin the roulette wheel! These tips aim to better prepare you for your online roulette experience:

  1. Set a budget – roulette isn’t a long game and you could lose track of your bankroll fast! Therefore, we recommend knowing precisely what your minimum and maximum bets will be.
  2. Find the right roulette table – selecting the right variant for you is vital. Determine what your goal is – entertainment or playing roulette for real money wins.
  3. Grab a roulette bonus – bonuses are always going to benefit your bankroll. However, be certain not to claim a bonus on free spins and expect it to apply to roulette spins.

While online roulette may be popular at Black Lotus casino, it is by no means an easy game. An online roulette wheel consists of 36 numbers, in either red or black. Their combination of numbers on the inside (inside bets) and words on the outside (outside bets) can be daunting.

So, it’s best to learn what each bet means. There are five main inside bets:

  1. Straight – this is a bet on a single number and is done by placing your chip on the number you want to bet on.
  2. Split – this is a bet on two numbers and is done by placing your chips on the line between two numbers.
  3. Street – this is a bet on three numbers and is done by placing your chips on the outside line of three numbers
  4. Corner – this is a bet on four numbers and is done by placing your chips on the intersection of four numbers.
  5. Six Line – this is a bet on six numbers and is completed by placing your chips on the line that joins two Street bets i.e two rows of three numbers.

Over to outside bets, these are clearly marked on the roulette table and there are five main outside bets:

  1. 1-18 or 19-36 – these numbers spilt the roulette wheel in half
  2. Odd or Even
  3. Red or Black
  4. Dozens – this is  block of 12 numbers
  5. Columns – this is a 12 number column

Mobile Roulette Online

The best online roulette games are played and held on the best online gambling roulette app – Black Lotus Android app. Join and download the app to start playing immediately. While mobile casino roulette is enjoyable, playing roulette online on the app is convenient and all round better.

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