Casino Games With The Lowest House Edge

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Money. You don’t ever want to lose it, and definitely can never have enough of it. That’s why, when you gamble, you really should know all there is to know about the house edge. Otherwise, how else could you be one up on the gambling house to put luck on your side?

In this article, you’ll discover what a house edge is, how it affects your casino gameplay payouts and, which games have the lowest house edge. Put the odds in your favor every time you come and play at Black Lotus Casino.

What Exactly is The House Edge?

A house edge is the advantage the casino has on any game. To put it simply, it’s the percentage of your bet the casino gets to keep every time you make a bet.

See the house edges on these casino games:

  • Blackjack – 0.42% to 1.5%
  • Baccarat – 1.06% to 14.36%
  • Video Poker – 0.76% to 5%
  • Craps – 1.36 to 1.41%

Basically, if the house edge is 2%, you’ll get 98% of the profit if you win, while the casino gains a 2% profit. To put it another way, if you wager $10, and the house edge is 1,06, then you’ll land up losing $1,06 of your bet.

But… Is there such a thing as a ‘good house edge’? There’s no easy way to answer this, as the house edge in certain games are based on the rules and even the deck size, while the house edge on other types of games are fixed.

The Blackjack House Edge Explained

The card game 21 is about 322 years old, and still one of the most popular games you can play. Especially with its low house edge, which translates into better odds for you.  According to the bullet points seen earlier, let’s use the maximum Blackjack house edge of 1.5%.

For every $100 you bet, the casino will take $1,50 of it. Don’t lose hope though, because the house edge can be swung in your favor depending on how you play.

Here are a few tips you can use. Do your research! Understand the basic Blackjack strategies. Don’t be fooled into counting cards! Although it’s not illegal, it is very difficult to do, and you could be banned from the casino.

Try your hand at Blackjack at numerous casinos to get a feel for the rules as not all casinos have the same Blackjack rules. Take note of the variations, as you get quite a couple ranging from Baltic to 3 Seat Atlantic, and so forth.

The best option to beat the odds with is 1 Seat Single Deck Blackjack where the house edge is only 0.13% as only one deck is used rather than the usual 6 to 8.

Understanding The Baccarat House Edge

Baccarat is also a really fantastic game to play if you want to beat the odds at a casino. You’ll see that Baccarat cards have beads or dots on them, and of the two hands dealt (yours and the dealer’s), the hand that gets those dots adding up to, or as close to 9 as possible wins the round.

Here’s some extra information you didn’t know, it was James Bond’s favorite card game, featuring in movies like Casino Royale and Dr No to mention a few. Also, the fact that the Baccarat house edge is so low, that with every $100 you bet you’ll win $98.94 back should be enough inspiration for you to try out such a cool, slick game 🙂

Want the lowdown on how to beat the Baccarat house edge? Wager on the banker! As they mostly have a slightly higher house edge. In the case of there being a tie, avoid betting on it. And don’t bet more than 1% to 2% of your cash every time.

What About The Video Poker House Edge?

Well, the Video Poker house edge depends on which version you play. For example, take a look at a few of these Video Poker house edges:

  • Jacks or Better – 0.46%
  • Joke Poker – 0.64%
  • Deuces Poker – 0.71%

If Jacks or Better Poker is your game of choice, then for every $50 you wager, $0.92 of it will go to the casino.

Increase your chances by playing with the maximum number of coins as this keeps the house edge to a minimum. Also, understand the rules, payouts, and cards needed for that winning hand so you don’t make any mistakes!

All About The Craps House Edge

This dice game is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. You just need to roll the same number with two dice twice before a 7 appears. With the 2 dice, there will be totals of 2 to 12 with a possibility of 11 results. The Craps house edge varies according to if you bet on the Pass Line, also known as the “Front Line”.

Here, the house edge is 1.41%. Meaning, for every $100, you’ll lose $1.41. When you wager on the “Don’t Pass Bar”, the house edge is 1.36%. So, that’s a $1,36 loss on a $100 wager.

Play smart and only bet on the Pass Line as these bets win even money, i.e. (1:1). Bet $200, and should the dice land on either 7 or 11 on the Pass Line, you’ll win $200.

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