What To Know About the Quarterback Slot Before You Play

Grayscale photo of Football player tossing football in air

The goal? We’re here to get into the Quarterback slot and why you should give the reels a spin for real money at the ultimate online casino – Black Lotus. However, like a good game of football, to score a goal we first need to make a few good passes to get to the goalpost and play to our team’s strengths. If you haven’t already guessed by the title or this introduction, this Quarterback game slot by Saucify is an Ode to, arguably, the most popular sporting event in the calendar – the Super Bowl.

Jay Z may have said no to the Super Bowl but billions of football supporters, enthusiasts and football hunky megastars, hello Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Brady Quinn and Russell Wilson, will never! Strap on your cleats and grab your helmets as we run our game play on the inspiration of the quarterback slot below…

The National Football League (NFL)

Established some 101 years ago, the NFL consists of 32 teams and is the highest professional level of football in the world! Despite the prestige, the NFL only runs for 21 weeks in a year; this includes a 3-week preseason. The Super Bowl is the culmination of the two of the greatest teams that made it through the leagues 17 games. The best part? The Super Bowl is the most watched television event and over the years has turned into the ultimate entertainment fix! From sports bettors, ad companies, hip hop artists and fans to software companies creating best real money slots online games in honor of the event, there’s no doubt that the Super Bowl will tackle any other sporting event. How does the sport and the event maintain its longevity? All one has to do is look into the market value of the sport by analyzing the salaries of QB’s and how much the quarterback is referenced in pop culture and film.

All Quarterbacks Yell White 80!

You’d be hard pressed to find a series or movie about high school or college without a mention of the jock. The distinguished role of the jock or the quarterback position is highly sought after, and this theme carries through in real-life too. As a die-hard NFL fan, you probably already know that some QB’s sign 9 figure contracts but what is a Quarterback? The QB is the most important position in a football because he calls the play; for example: White 80. Quarterbacks essentially are the leaders of the offense; they touch the ball on almost all offensive plays and directly impact the outcome of the game. This is why so much of a team’s budget is spent on acquiring a quality QB. 

The QB is an influential position and requires more than just skill! Here’s the deal with becoming a NFL QB: as quarterback your physical skill must match your intelligence. Your mental acuity must be zoned in, always! This will enable you to process information and assess the competition faster. Plus, you need to handle the plethora of media that will hound you. It doesn’t hurt being easy on the eyes too! A pretty hard recipe to concoct and that’s why only the best get drafted. 

Quarterback - logo

Over the years, the QB position has garnered superstar status. Looking at the quarterback rankings 2022, you won’t miss the big names Wilson and Rodgers. But who is the best quarterback of all time? You won’t be able to search anything NFL or QB related without stumbling across this name a few thousand times – TOM BRADY but we’ll get into all things Brady later. According to nfl.com, the best NFL QB right now is 38-year-old Aaron Rodgers. While Rodgers is certainly QB hall of fame material, but he isn’t the QB that holds the record for winning the Super Bowl with two different teams!! That illustrious position is held by Peyton Manning – who made history in 2016, when he became the first ever starting QB to win the Super Bowl with two different teams. The 1st win was with the Indianapolis Colts and the second with the Denver Broncos. Another noteworthy QB is Dan Marino, while he never won a Super Bowl – he goes into the hall of fame for his quick releases and ability to diagnose defenses.

So, who is the King of the Gridiron?

Tom Brady for many yards…I mean years! Brady, a 7-time Super Bowl winner is the golden boy of the NFL at 45 years old. While many other sites and sports commentators would position QB’s that are younger than him, above him, there’s no denying the sheer force that is Tom Brady! With a net worth of $250 million, at the time of writing, Brady is heralded as the GOAT. He’s played 10 Super Bowls and squashed previous records, despite not having a strong arm compared to other QB’s.

He was the 4th QB to start Super Bowls for two different teams and this year could play his last Super Bowl. Brady announced retirement earlier this year and then unretired after a total of 40 days in retirement! At the time of writing, his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen wished him and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers well. Gossips columnists were quick to jump on her post, alluding to her dampening the hot topic of an impending divorce. However, his fans were in support of her message and asked her not to divorce Brady over football and another adding that it’s just one more season, signifying that the end is near for Brady’s NFL career…will it be the King of Gridiron’s last season? We’re not sure but we do know that on the Quarterback slot the end never comes!

What’s the starting (bottom) line on the Quarterback game?

The Quarterback slot is like the Tom Brady of all football themed slots. You might be wondering how and we outline it below: 

The slot features a football commentator that gives commentary on your plays! You are the MVP in this game and the live commentary makes you feel like the star you are, complete with a brass band. Even if you aren’t a NFL fan, the Quarterback slot will surely change that, with 5 bonus games and 3 jackpots to win! These include:

  • Kick grass
  • Pick a ball
  • Run the yards
  • Foam finger 
  • Quarterback bonus

Like Brady said: “ if you don’t play to win, don’t play at all”; with this many bonus features you are sure to win!

Peak season or not, Quarterback is the game for you! Make the whole ten yards at Black Casino Casino and get a 200% welcome bonus!!