Trick or Treat 2022: Play our Halloween Slot All Year Long

glowing Halloween pumpkin heads

Move over Christmas, there’s a new “most wonderful time of the year” and this time it’s – all year. Thanks to the Trick or Treat Halloween slot we’ve got tricks and treats to get you winning all year round! Whether you’re reading this in Christmas, early February, or that magical Halloween eve, anytime is trick or treat times with our selection of spooky slots. Ready to peak into the trick or treat bag? Well, break out your trick or treat costume and come along…It’s always October 31 at Black Lotus Casino!

From Help the Halloween Party to Trick or Treat

It may be Trick or Treat 2022, but the tradition extends all the way from 16th Century Scotland *drops the scary shocked ghoul face*. While the USA has capitalized on the Halloween/ trick or treat theme; its old country, Scotland, that first recorded kids going from house-to-house reciting phrases; one being Help the Halloween Party, putting on performances in exchange for a treat or promising a trick should they not get a treat. Around the 1920’s is when the tradition made its way to North America and hit widespread popularity in the USA.

We can thank the development of urban areas and the safety it brought along that paved that way for kids to wander the streets. Today, billions of kids across the globe eagerly await Halloween – the day we get to go trick or treating!

Halloween Traditions

The yearly Halloween celebration takes place on the 31st of October, which happens to be a Monday this year (2022) but schools and communities would typically opt for a celebration on a weekend allowing more people to participate. Halloween is associated with the day of the dead and features plenty of symbols, like black cats, bats, witches’ hats, different types of skeletons and the Jack-O-Lanterns. The latter of which has grown to be a Halloween tradition – with competitions galore, with some offering real money prizes!

The prevalent Jack-O-Lantern symbol involves carving a pumpkin in a scary face which many families use to decorate their porches. Pumpkins are another popular symbol around this time of the year – Fall. We can expect that many public places and spaces will be decked out in Halloween’s finest, in this case, the scariest and spine-chilling decorations that are always more unnerving than the year before! Picture the background of the Trick or Treat slot…that’s what awaits you this Halloween when you sport your spooky costume. Looking to enter an eerie Halloween best dressed competition? Well, save the date and sport your look before Saturday, 29th October 2022 at 6pm.

 The Main Halloween Tradition

While the best dressed costumes are a highlight of the celebration, nothing garners more excitement than the activity of walking door to door, going trick or treating! Kids, adults and even family pets join in on the activity sometimes turned out in matching outfits. Over the years popular Halloween trick or treating costumes included:

  • Witches, the scary and the sexy versions
  • Superheroes are always favored costume 
  • Zombies, ghouls, goblins, and aliens
  • Royalty like Cleopatra 
  • Freddy Kruger – like you will see in the Trick or Treat slot
  • Fairy tale characters, especially among little girls – think Elsa from Frozen
  • Of course, the King of Rock n Roll makes this list – Elvis is all his glory and perhaps a scary raising from the dead Elvis too
  • Characters from beloved Halloween franchise movies, Scooby Doo, Ghostbusters, and Chucky 

However, trick or treat 2022 has something special in store for observers. Trick or treat enthusiasts believe the following costumes, due to their relevance in recent pop culture, will be the go to options:

  •  Eddie Munson or Vecna, from stranger Things
  • Doctor Strange, from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
  • Characters from the Sandman and House of the Dragon
  • A shift from the macabre and strange to the classical, with characters from Bridgerton – a favorite being Simon Basset 🙂

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a gory flick set to launch in October or a scary winning Halloween slot; so, whatever trends before the holiday will certainly make this list. No matter the costume you decide to wear, the only thing to complete the look would be your trick or treat bag, affectionately known as a trick or treat pail. Halloween trick or treaters have famously used white pillowcases as the trick or treat pails however, as the years progressed and the Halloween fashion grew, trick or treat pails were built into the costumes. Trick or treat pails are used to store the yummy and oh so bad for you Halloween candy. However, should you not receive a treat, the trick or treat pails double as a good place to hide props for the trick you have planned.

Looking for Halloween Trick or Treating All Year Round?

If you’ve answered yes, please then consider this your treat! The Trick or Treat slot at Black Lotus Casino is scary and jam packed with wins all year round. 

Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. 

They live inside us, and sometimes they win…

We doubt Stephen King was referring to your regular wins on the reels of the Trick or Treat slot, but we do know that the slot has opportunity for monster wins! Plus, the free sins round is definitely a treat. So, when the black cat prowls and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween!

Happy Trick or Treating at Black Lotus Casino!