A Review Of Table Mountain Casino In California

Fresno California skyline

You’d probably associate Table Mountain Casino with one of Nature’s 7 wonders – Table Mountain in South Africa but you’d be wrong. Or perhaps you’re well versed in everything California casino related and when you read Table Mountain Casino you knew immediately that it was the history and scenic rich casino in Fresno Country, California!

If this was a quiz, you’d win bonus money to play your favorite casino games at Black Lotus Casino; unfortunately it’s not. However, you’d still be able to get a lucrative bonus at Black Lotus Casino but more about that later, let’s get into the review of Table Mountain Casino Hotel in California.

A Brief History of Table Mountain Casino Resort

Established 35 years ago, Table Mountain Casino Resort originally started out as a Bingo hall. Soon after that slots and table games were added. Then, the casino’s trajectory went along the lines of most land-based casinos…a hotel and several other entertainment features were added. In 2019, construction began on what the Table Mountain Casino management deemed would be the upgrade of the century.

However, this was no ordinary upgrade. In fact, the original casino building was handed over to the tribal government and the new Table Mountain Resort was built from scratch, increasing the number of hotel rooms available, a larger Table Mountain casino buffet, an entertainment center and a bigger more diversified casino floor! Table Mountain Casino Resort was scheduled for an official opening in July this year with management claiming that the casino hotel will be privately booked till the end of August. The revamp took a 72k square foot casino and converted it into a sprawling 600k casino resort!

Table Mountain Casino Doors Are Open and So Is The Bar!

Situated amongst a pristine country backdrop, Table Mountain Casino Resort now serves alcohol! Looking to whet your winning appetite? You can do so right here without worrying about your kiddos too! Calling all parents, especially parents to toddlers, we feel your pain! The casino resort now features a childcare facility so you can drop those lil’ buggers off, knock back a few of your favorite adult beverages and get in some wins!

After 5 years of construction the total project cost $500 million. For anybody in and around the Table Mountain Rancheria area, the expansion saw the creation of 1000 new jobs. At the time of writing, the casino resort had hosted nine job fairs and there are still dozens of positions listed on the Table Mountain Casino website. The vacancies range from facilities and security management to casino floor stuff and restaurant jobs. On the topic of restaurants, the casino resort now features eight restaurants, their own smoking spaces and of course alcohol! In addition, the casino resort boasts a buffet which unfortunately isn’t available all day everyday but Black Lotus Casino has a buffet of promos – all day, EVERY. DAY!

“35 years have flown by, but the spirit remains”

We briefly mentioned the increase in hotel rooms earlier so the question – does Table Mountain Casino have a hotel is a resounding YES! The hotel is now 14 levels and features 171 guest rooms! You’re entirely spoilt for choice. The resort’s event center includes a 5 story parking garage and a Bingo Hall, paying tribute to Table Mountain Casinos founding roots. A word to the wise, while we love the upgrade and the new features there is no denying that the $500 million upgrade will affect the house edge and increase the overheads. We’re not saying there isn’t an increase in opportunities to win, only that your wins in a land-based casino vs online casino is significantly controlled by overheads and house edge. 

Let’s Talk Winning…

With an astonishing 140k square foot casino floor you can look forward to more than 30 table games, over 2000 slots plus a High Limit room and Dragons Den..calling all high rollers! The casino also boasts a number of ongoing casino jackpots; at the time of writing the most popular one wasn’t the biggest jackpot. A plethora of confusing but colorful promotions are available for players that want to treat dangerous highways as secondary thought and still make the trip to Table Mountain Casino Resort. The Tale of Frakencash has $350k up for grabs all month long! At the end of the day and this page you would have to decide if journeying through long and dangerous highways to a scenic country esque casino resort with a high house edge is worth it.  

What’s The Alternative?

Why Black Lotus Casino of course! FUN FACT: Table Mountain Casino is situated in Fresno – a state that doesn’t issue casino or gambling licenses! Okay, that isn’t really a fun fact but silver lining time – Black Lotus Casino is fully licensed and holds a Curacao license. We have been in operation for the past 20 years, not a far cry from the original Table Mountain Casino and our legitimacy is transparent.

We offer online casino games real money California land based casino’s cant offer. We have several deposit and withdrawal methods that are available and suitable for players in California too; so you will definitely get your winnings. In addition to your safety and security, Black Lotus Casino runs easy to join and win promotions! For example, at the time of writing the biggest casino promotion – Win a Car required a $25 deposit to earn a ticket into the lucky draw, making the promo uncomplicated and the terms and conditions virtually nonexistent. 

We love the tagline – Your Next Adventure Awaits and there’s no denying that adventure is indeed out there…but also with the palm of your hand and at your fingertips. To be totally honest, we prefer the personalized adventure – your time – your place – your way!  Go ahead and hit the Black Lotus Casino sign up button on the top right hand corner of this page or find it below.